Calendar Subcommittee

Calendar 1
Calendar Subcommittee Proposed Work, Process and Timeline


Given the challenges that weather and the late endings to the school year create, the SC is looking closely at options that would allow school to end earlier in June. Among the topics the SC will explore include: (1) starting the year prior to Labor Day; (2) examining the treatment of religious holidays; (3) the scheduling of vacations, and (4) developing two year calendar. Some of these topics may represent changes the SC wishes to implement as early as next year, while others may be long-term options. In all cases, it's critical to solicit staff and community feedback to ensure we fully understand the impact of any proposed changes.


In the fall of 2013, the SC will form a subcommittee to solicit feedback from staff and community regarding (1) APS school calendar options, (2) develop criteria/policy for current and future calendar development (3) review calendar options prepared by the superintendent in accordance with the recommended criteria, (4) approve 2014-2015 (and perhaps 2015-16) school calendars by the end of January 2014.

Dennis Forgue, Chairperson, SC; Barbara L'Italien and David Birnbach - subcommittee members