Special Education Spending Per Pupil

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education provides a comparison of spending on special education to regular education by reporting the ratio of special education per pupil spending to regular education per pupil spending. Accommodations and supports for students with disabilities (SWD) increase the per pupil spending on these students and the ratio to spending on other students. The ratio in Andover (dark blue line) has changed little over time. The ratio has increased in Arlington, Chelmsford, Franklin and Natick and since 2009 has been lowest and has actually decreased in Westwood. When arranged based on the median ratio (2006-2015) only North Andover has a significantly higher (+) ratio than Andover; six districts have a significantly lower average ratio (*; p<=.05). In 2015, five of the comparative districts had higher ratios, one was the same, and four were lower than Andover.

SWD Per Pupil Spending by District


SWD Per Pupil Spending Box & Whisker Plot


SWD Per Pupil Spending Data Chart