Summer Mathematics Practice

We are happy to announce that Andover Public Schools will be providing optional summer mathematics practice to help students stay math-strong and get math-ready for the next grade.

Anything from 5 minutes per day to 30 minutes per week is helpful in keeping students fresh with the math you learned in the prior grades.

The skills practice is a mix of worksheets that you can print at home or online skills practice using iXL.

iXL is an online program that is adaptable and individualized.  Students will work through math problems and get immediate feedback.  APS has purchased a subscription for students entering Grade 6 thru Grade 8.  Student should log-in to the Andover specific iXL page and use their Andover ASPEN username and passwords.  NOTE: Usernames have changed for current users.


Username: student's Andover ASPEN username (first initial of first name, last name and their year of graduation e.g. for Katherine Richard the username would be krichard2018)

Password: student’s Andover ASPEN password (all lower case)

Things you should know:

o   Have fun!

o   Skip anything that becomes frustrating for your child.

o   The goal is to maintain skills and build confidence.

Together we can minimize the summer slide.


Katherine Richard (